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Free Counter Stats and Web Page Visitor Tracker.

Monitor all of your web site visitors in seconds. Create your free website counter and insert the HTML code your Web page, Blog or Forum, see licensed contractors for extensive examples.

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Get a free website hit counter in seconds. Fast loading, reliable tracker which gives you the most needed traffic stats about all aspects of your online business or personal site. Different styles and charts are available to all users.

With this reliable statistical web hosting source and you will instantly get the latest counter and analytics features. You can be sure we have just what you are looking for in analytics, so you can enjoy the success of your website. Premium features are released on a weekly basis (Entry and exit pages analysis, time spent on sites analysis and more). Webmasters expect websites to have a website counter or at least a search function. We are in the process of releasing hundreds of new features and improving stability and menu options ... stay tuned for more information.

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